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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Denial Won Last Weekend

As you can see I did not get around to posting much about last weekend. Sorry for that, I have had a very busy week and was hardly home. The time since David's last real orgasm is growing, he is at the 20 day point right now. Last weekend he had lots of time on the edge both inside my pussy and out. We made love Friday night and even though he was hinting around to wanting to cum I made it clear he would not be cumming, so he braced himself and just did his best to last as long as he could inside me without cumming. I love it. I love feeling him throbbing literally inside me, so close to cumming and I was really in the mood to tell him no!

In the late hours of Saturday night or early Sunday morning we made love again. In fact we were both ready to fall asleep when I placed my hand over my cock and lightly teased it. In seconds he was growing rapidly hard and then I wanted him in me. He was instantly on the edge, and I was showing his nipples no mercy as he was begging and pleading with me to pinch them harder so it would make me even more wet. He knows I love to torture him with pain and he loves that his torture makes me wet. It also makes it super hard for him not to cum when I am pinching his nipples, so he was edging and struggling really hard not to cum right from the start. I loved it. Funny thing is for as tired out as we were and for as edgy as he was I think we had the longest session of sex ever. Every so often I would shove him off me and grab my cock and edge it super hard with my hand too then make him get right back in me. This makes it even more torturous when he can't cum.

 Of course he was begging to cum but I kept saying no. This went on for a good hour, then finally when I shoved him off me and grabbed my cock to edge it some more he was so close he could hardly control himself and started pleading "Mistress, Mistress, Mistressssssssss" and I said "What!?!" and then he said "please stop!" I realized he was on the brink of cumming so I stopped stroking and squeezed the bottom of my cock and then held it tight as he ruined an orgasm, the perfect ruined one, him grunting and very very little cum seeped out. I scolded him on this unauthorized milking and then quickly fed him the mess he did make. We curled up and slept together happy and content.

 Sunday we made love again before the night was over and he was really begging me to let him cum but I happily said NO and made it clear there was no changing my mind, that I wanted him denied. He accepted that, what choice does he have, and continued to fuck me the best he could while edging away in torment. SO that was last weekend...we are together this weekend so we will see what that brings.

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  1. Wonderful! That is the perfect storm of orgasm denial, extended teasing and edging so he wants to come more than anything, but he knows that he is not allowed. And he doesn't really want to because cuming means the end of the exquisite torment.